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There won’t be much net time for me in the near future. This week, every morning after I take the boys to school I get to go “feed the dogs”. This entails at least an hour of round trip driving plus the actual feeding etc. Because it’s such a long trip (and gas prices are so high) I will only be going once a day. So I really need to spend at least a good hour there letting the dogs play outside, giving them belly rubs, etc. I really, really wish my sister lived in my neighborhood. Then I could have just stayed over.

We have 27 other things to do this week as well. Soccer practice, special stuff at church. And I get to prepare for the camping trip. Yes, my entire family is going camping. It’s the cuboree! Aren’t you jealous? Two nights in a tent in Florida. It might be very hot. It might just monsoon. But of one thing I’m sure. There will be bugs. And not just “Eek! A daddylongleg!” type of bugs. Nope. There will be bugs that will bite. The new hole in the ozone that you will hear report of come Monday? That will be due to my abuse of bug spray.

I do think I might get some serious knitting time in while hanging at my sisters. At least I hope to. I also would like to get in a few extra volunteer hours this week at school. But we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Jennifer

    Camping is not my favorite thing, so good luck to you! Get some knitting done!


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