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The Schoolbook Sprint


All of the boys’ very expensive schoolbooks and workbooks have to be covered in clear contact paper. Yeah. So the man is off to buy some and soon we will be wrapping every. single. book. (I think there are about 25 or so total). All of this needs to be done quickly (hence the sprint) to be dropped off at school by 3pm today. If I was more organized and remembered the whole contact paper thing, it would have been more of a relay or a marathon.

And the Mount Washmore Climb


10 pairs of navy shorts, 4 pairs of navy pants, 10 white polo shirts, 12 new undershirts, 12 new pairs of socks, and 12 new pairs of underwear. When you add of this to my normal laundry, well you get an epic climbing event that will involve running laundry late into the night and probably for the next 2 days just to get caught up.

In official Ravelympics news, I’m doing well on my Modern Quilt Wrap. Seen perched high on Mt. Washmore above, I now have 8.25 out of 36 large squares done. I must admit seeing the color combinations come together is *very* gratifying. And now that I’ve figured out how to have nearly no ends to weave in, this thing is rocking and rolling. How’s your Olympic knitting going?


  1. kimber

    well i was a slacker and have decided not to join any recognized Olympci knitting event. I have an over abundant amount of socks to make by Sept 1, so that is my current goal. socks, and a lot of them.
    what happened to the days of covering books in paper bags from the grocery stores?

  2. Jackie

    The Modern Quilt Wrap looks fantastic!
    Books have to be dropped off before school starts? I’m guessing for inspection? I have to say that I find new books and new school supplies kind of exciting! Looking at your blog picture I want to pick one of the books up (ok all of them) and look through them. 🙂

  3. Jackie

    Part 2:
    I DO acknowledge that I’m a dork!


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