New Year Do Over

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The new year did not start out as planned. I took Sunday – New Year’s Day – off. Monday the man was off work, but I thought I would get a few things done – think about plans for the future, all that rot. But as Monday continued I realized I was getting sick. 

And I’ve been sick since then. I actually got antibiotics for a sinus infection and I feel 1000% better, but I still have this crazy cough. Fortunately on the advice of Dana (of the fabulous Unwind Yarn Company) I got myself some high octane cough drops that are actually quelling the monster. Which is good because I’m teaching this weekend and I need to talk. Not cough. 

So I’m printing handouts and getting myself all ready for this weekend. I’m super excited, because it’s been way too long since I’ve gotten away. And even though I’m teaching and vending it will still be so wonderful to be with my people, my knitters!

On the bright side of starting over, I have some very exciting things going on in the next couple of weeks – so today is a very good day to be starting over. Just gotta get caught up and ready to take my first train ride on Wednesday. Yeah, train ride!!! I’m excited. It’s cheaper than driving down to Disney and I get to knit the whole time. (Or put stickers on patterns, you know, whatever needs to be done!).

So let’s do a smidge of celebrating my new year by casting on a new project. And you can use the code start to get 50% off any PicnicKnits patterns and e-books. Shop the store right here:
PicnicKnits Pattern Store

And if you’re in the Orlando area (or a short ride away!) come see me on Saturday at the Swan hotel at Disney. I’ll be the crazy one giving away the free PicnicKnits temporary tattoos!






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