No rest for the wicked.

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So I haven’t been sleeping so well. Last night I had a very long, detailed dream in which I was Sally Field dressed up like Cinderella babysitting some children and trying to have an affair with the dad. And that included the random thing where a scary clown appeared in an upstairs windows, which delighted the children, but scared me so badly I woke up. I really don’t like clowns.
But I really need to post, so post I will. The Cast On class *and* the Cabling Without A Cable Needle class are this weekend in Jacksonville, if you’re interested. 11am-3pm at Sugarbee Studios, with a $10 lunch option – cooked by Mimi!

The boys had a blast at Epcot. They had really wanted to go to Animal Kingdom, but it closed at 5pm, so we opted for Epcot instead. The one thing Epcot has is lots of good picture opportunities. So let’s tell the tale in pictures.

Epcot 2008

We start with the sunrise on the ride down (danged kids taking better pictures than me) and then we’re ready to go! Mexico – Norway – China – Japan – Morrocco – Louisiana – Canada. I think my favorite picture is the one of all three of my men in Fezes. What is the plural of fez anyway?

We did have a lost driver’s license (mine) and a small car malfunction (thanks Sharon for the internet assistance) but all in all it was a wonderful trip. Something about Disney brings out the kid in everyone. And I got a ton done on my February Lady Sweater while on the road. Gotta love not having to drive!

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  1. Daniele

    Great pictures!! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. AND – I’d love to know what you ate before you went to bed!!! Scary-crazy dream! 😉


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