No see’ums

by | May 13, 2009 | Uncategorized

Designing is not good for bloggity blog content. It’s not like working on someone else’s pattern. If it is someone else’s pattern I can show you every step of the way. The cast on, the slow middle parts, the triumphant finishing. With designing, not so much. The current “rules” of designing are that stuff that might be published elsewhere (as opposed to self published) are not to be shown anywheres. So I have four projects going right this minute that you can’t even see a glimpse of. Which makes the blog lonely and forlorn.
I could show you some dyeing, but I’m on hold. I need to order base yarn and top this Friday and then I will stuff to show for it. Really. So, um, yeah. Nothing to show. Not that I’m not knitting. I really am. I’m knitting and sketching and graphing and re-working stuff. Hopefully soon I will be able to announce very exciting things.


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