No, seriously.

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February needs to be gone. Post haste. This is a good metaphor for my life right now.


Pretty messed up, eh? This my dear imaginary friends is what happens when you try to cook at five in the morning. Not to be confused with what happens when you try to bake while sleeping. So you might be wondering? What in the name of Neptune’s trident is that thing?

Well I’ll tell you. It’s a panbowl. Not to be confused with a bowlpan. I woke up at 5am on Fat Tuesday to make some spicy food for my husband’s Mardi Gras potluck at work. Spicy spaghetti and some saucy red beans and rice. They turned out really well – the spicy spaghetti was a hit.

But my favorite big frying pan was in the way. So instead of putting it away I placed it on the rangetop. Mistake number one. And then I handwashed the huge tupperware bowl that I’ve had for AGES. And placed it to dry on top of the frying pan. Mistake number two.

Were those really such bad mistakes? No, not really. Well not until you factor in mistake number three. I left the freaking burner on after cooking the spaghetti. Yes the burner that the formerly separate pan and bowl were sitting upon. And then I committed mistake number four. This is where the extreme lack of sleep comes in. I neglected to check the burners after I finished cooking and went to take a shower. And I came back to find the panbowl.

Oh and by the way, panbowl has now consumated its/their love and cannot be separated by any force known to woman – including a lot of fire. Which makes a lot of fumes. No I didn’t pass out. But March cannot get here fast enough.


  1. Betsie

    You need to see what happened to me

    I totally empathize with you on this one!

  2. Zonda

    Yikes!! Did it ruin the burner too? I turned on a burner that had my good tupperware cake holder on it…$40+ later for the new burner..

  3. Brenda

    Welcome to the Godzilla School of Charm, my dear.

  4. Lorena

    I’m not laughing. Not at all. Really. It’s just… something caught in my throat. Yeah. Coughing. That’s it. Really.
    (I feel for you!)

  5. Heather

    Well, February is now over, so at least you have that going for you. I’m very sorry about your panbowl, and like Lorena I have something caught in my throat too. 🙂

  6. Yorkie

    Oh, hun, the # of times I’ve melted things in my kitchen is too embarrassing to say. All of my plastic cutting boards have warps in them and ridges because I cover my pans with them to get them to boil. Well, I can’t be arsed to rattle through all those lids in the drawer, can I?
    Consequently, most of our pots and pans have melted plastic round the lips.

    I’ve caught pans on fire.

    I regularly fill the house with smoke

    I blacken bottoms of pans so badly the only way to clean them is with an astonishing amount of chemicals and a hand held sand blaster.

    It happens.

  7. Carmen

    I have melted many a bowl in my life.

  8. Sheri

    hee hee hee You have such a way with words. I feel ya, girly. We all have those days!


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