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by | May 18, 2005 | Uncategorized

Were you aware that there is a gray area concerning the line between a fruit and a vegetable? I was not. I mean there’s that whole tomato thing, but I thought everything else was pretty clearly defined.

Not so.

True conversation in bed last night. Keep in mind that I truly believe my husband thought he was getting some.

Him: Did you notice the squash is flowering?
Me: Yeah. Wait. I thought only fruits flowered.
Him: Nope.
Me: Tomatoes flower. What’s the difference between a fruit and vegetable again?
Him: Name a fruit.
Me: Tomato
Him: Name a fruit that isn’t in the gray area.
Me: Strawberry.

And this is where my husband lost his mind. Apparently strawberries are in the gray area. And me choosing tomatoes and then strawberries was me being contentious, hateful, and taking the whole fruit/vegetable debate to a “personal level”. (In his defense I did call him crazy for suggesting that a strawberry was not clearly a fruit). I begged him to drop it. You would not believe the ramblings the man made about strawberries, tomatoes, personal fruit & vegetable attacks, and something about vines and trees. Which I totally could not hear cause I was laughing so hard. Which just pissed off my crazy husband even more. Finally I told him to shut up. But no…. he just kept going. So this is the reason why:

A. I slept on the couch last night and

B. I didn’t speak to my husband this morning. I figured if he talked I would laugh and then I would be in more trouble.

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  1. stacyo

    Being-half Italian, I remember my grandmother used to fried up the zucchini flowers from her garden. It’s a very Italian thing to do. Slightly floured and dunked in egg — they were yummy!


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