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I’m not looking, but I know it’s happening. I can’t watch the coverage on Haiti. I can’t listen to the stories. I was reduced to a sobbing heap the other day reading a news story about a cop who was killed here locally in a head-on collision. I am that person that is nearly incapacitated by hearing about tragedy. I don’t know why. I guess it’s a bad thing. It doesn’t mean I’m not compassionate – I think I’m too compassionate. I don’t know. But enough about me. This is about them.
Even though I’m not watching or listening, I know. I get little bits and bobs. And they are horrifying. Ravelry is doing something good though. That I can read about. They are doing a “Help for Haiti” designation where you can designate percentages of your pattern sales to go to relief. Tons of designers have already signed up. Right now all of my hat patterns are in the mix. If you buy any for sale hat pattern, I will send 50% of the sale price to Doctors Without Borders. They were in Haiti when the quake struck. Their hospital was destroyed – so they set up tents in the rubble and kept working. They’ve lost many of their own.

And hey, if you’re knitting hats, they are fast, yes? Think about knitting some up for some of the folks at home that are homeless and cold right now. Other bad things haven’t stopped happening because Haiti happened.

Oh and one more thing. If you were going to buy patterns, try to buy ones that have the “Help for Haiti” designation. But if you weren’t… well just send that $5 or so straight to Haiti. That way 100% of that money goes straight to the people that need it most. And $5 does a heckuva lot more there than it does here.


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