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Whenever I think of wips, I think of Devo. I’m sorry, I’m an 80’s child. I would love to show you pictures of my finished projects. Or of my Super Sox Box Swap swag. But alas, the fates are against me. I finally found my camera (under all the stuff on my desk) but the batteries and the charger are somewhere in a box.

So we’ll give you happy lists instead:
1. Lillian’s Monica Tank – Now 65% done!
2. Silk & Mohair Scarf — Finish ASAP
3. Fuzzy Feet — Finish ASAP
4. Maximize Socks — Now 70% done!
5. Scotch Thistle Stole — Finish ASAP

I have seven projects on hold – Icarus, Wren, CK Sweater, Sandy Cardigan, VK Fall 2005 #19, Via Diagonale, and Embossed Leaves Sock Repair – which brings me to twelve. The French Silk Socks are coming off the list, because my friendly LYS owner assures me that an unstarted second sock does *not* count on your wip list. And then I cast on for two things: the July Washcloth, and Mystery Stole 3. So…. I’m down to 14 projects total. Which is way better than the original 25 I came up with when I had too much Irish Cream the other night. Dude, I couldn’t even read my handwriting for part of that list!

I got an awesome box of stuff from my Sox Box partner. Tofutsies yarn, two beautiful lace sock patterns, a whole set of traveling notions, a beautifully embroidered sock project bag, and some yummy flavored coffees. I organized all my yarn today, so I separated stuff – I think that was the whole shebang. The traveling notions set is awesome. Everything you could possibly need for knitting on the go. Everyone should have one.

In the last bit of news, having a birthday on the luckiest day of the year is not turning out so lucky for me. All three of my guys are being buttheads. So I am off to the store to buy ingredients for one of my favorite cakes and/or some more Irish Cream. Happy seven-seven-seven to you!

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  1. Batty

    You know, I’m getting up to about 14 WIPs myself. Can you do me a favor and ask your LYS friend if the back of a sweater also doesn’t count as a WIP? I’m a little suspicious of the ‘second sock you haven’t started doesn’t count’ thing, though. Next thing you know, people tell you sock yarn doesn’t count and then…

    OK, I’m experiencing stash reorg PSTD. Just ignore me and have fun!


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