Number Nine…

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Dude is nine. Little dude that is. Yes, I had my children quite close together. 13 months and 9 days difference. No, I didn’t plan it. No, I don’t regret it.


And yes, my sons are gorgeous. Really beautiful young men. And yes, I know I am biased. But really, they are. And everything in my life is better because of them. Everything.


The little dude is something else. Brilliant, with a very sharp sense of humor. Fortunately his very hot temper is offset by the compassion and empathy he shows others. Love him. So much. His birthday however, did not go as planned. We had a quick thing on Friday night with cupcakes, presents, and our friends down the street. The plan was to awake at the crack of dawn on Saturday and whisk down to Disney. Big dude was in on it. Unfortunately big dude started tossing cookies (tossing cupcakes?) at about 9pm on Friday night and come 5:30 am the next morning the spew was still coming. So we had to cancel the secret Disney trip. Oh well. He got entirely too many presents and got to watch Indiana Jones movies all weekend. He doesn’t know the difference.

In other news I re-upped my grocery game subscriptions. The grocery budget is out of hand, especially with back to school and the need for stuff that can travel. So I coupon. And I do mean hard-core coupon. I picked up four Sunday papers today and clipped and organized them into my binder. I did a quick Publix trip for necessaries today and saved about $60 on a $150 bill. 40% savings is not bad for going in half-assed. But when I did it seriously I saved upwards of 70%. So serious I will get.


Yeah, that’s scary coupon serious. A big old zippered five star binder with baseball card inserts and coupons clipped and filed alphabetically by brand name. Laugh at me if you will, but then you can’t come to my house to eat when the apocalypse comes.

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  1. Kelley

    Your little dude is a cutie! I’m sure he had a great birthday sans Disney. I hope big dude is better today. I admire your efforts to save moula and I have plans to copy your binder ‘o organization! Have you been to It’s great!


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