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No I don’t believe in it. I don’t really believe in astrology either. That’s why all this recent zodiac kerfluffle didn’t even phase me. Although I did spare a thought for folks who had zodiac tattoos. ‘Cause if it really changed, that would suck.
But I do have a favorite number. 27. Twenty-seven. Why? I have absolutely no idea. For as long as I can remember 27 has been the random number I’ve thrown out. “I had to wash the bowl 27 times before that stupid blueberry stain came out.” “I swear I’ve taken the dog out 27 times today.” “It’s been 27 minutes since I texted her with very important information and she hasn’t gotten back to me!”

So yeah. 27. Today is not the 27th of anything. It’s just the 17th of January, a nice, quiet rainy day where I get to keep my boys home with me. I’m hoping the rain breaks so we can do our 5K training this afternoon. But it’s just a comfy, cozy day where I will probably knit while wearing the snuggie I got for Christmas. Yes, I did.

But because 27 is on my brain, and because I can, and because Ravelry makes it so easy, we’re having a sale. Use the coupon code favorite and you can get 27% off any pattern or e-book in my Ravelry store. So if you wanted the Sideways Shawlette e-book,  it would be $18.25 instead of the normal price of $25 for 8 patterns! 27% off everything!


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