Ode to the Man.

by | Jun 20, 2010 | family

He doesn’t read this much. I don’t think. But still I thought I would tell you all something. Life is not perfect. But life is good. Life is actually kind of awesome. And much of the credit for that belongs to the man.
He’s an amazing father – which is why I’m typing about this on Father’s Day. I’m constantly in awe of him. He makes it easier to be a good mother. He works hard to provide for us. He believes it is important for me to be home with the boys – and he just does what needs to be done so it happens. Not all men are like that, as we women well know.

He’s also the best uncle. He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, but he has nieces and nephews. You know how that works. The family you choose and all that. And he’s the favorite uncle. Everyone loves him best.

He gets me. He’s knows I’m a full on mess and he doesn’t care. He loves me unconditionally and I don’t deserve him. At all. He thinks I’m beautiful and he always makes me laugh. He makes me crazy sometimes, but he’s mine. He my crazymaker.

I feel like the words are just meaningless though – you know? I’m thinking of cooking him a big ole breakfast, but it’s only 7:30 am and I think he’d really rather sleep in. Stupid insomnia. So I will wait, and when he wakes up we will go to the beach, or the movies, or wherever he wants to go today. ‘Cause he’s the man. And it’s his day.



  1. Sara

    What a sweet post and great picture!

  2. Deb Closter

    A wonderful tribute to a man who is much loved. You certainly do deserve this man. You seem so in love and it’s great to read about it.He looks so very happy with those boys. I hope he had a great Father’s Day.


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