Of tragic cherries and mean bread…

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I want to be seen greenWouldn’t be caught dead, red
cause if you are seen green
It means you got mean bread

Whenever I do something crafty that is green, I run around the house singing that song. Yesterday it was dyeing. I’m teaching myself dyeing and figuring it out as I go along. What works, what makes effects that I like, the whole rigmarole. So the last two days I’ve been experimenting. Today’s experiments in blue and purple are still on the back porch. But here is yesterday’s green experiment results before re-skeining.


Crazy side note of the day: I get my most “true-to-life” colors when I take my pictures, sans flash, in the kitchen under the huge fluorescent light. How is that? I don’t get it. Anyhow, I dyed three 50g skeins there – but only 166 yards each. Two of them came out mostly the same (the front two), but the back one is lighter and is missing any hint of the blue-green you see on the other two. Not sure why that is. Today I tried semi-solid dyeing with one color by submerging dry yarn and wet yarn. Interestingly enough, the effects don’t look that different. I will check them out tomorrow when they are dry. I still have a small stash of natural colored yarn though, so the mad scientist experiments will continue.

Crazy question of the day: What makes a cherry tragic? I asked this on Ravelry once and this was the answer I got: “The mere fact of its existence, which is rife with disappointment and despair.” Ok, if I was drunk I could probably spend a good hour or so pondering that before I fell asleep. But sadly, I am not, so I will share with you a cherry that is not so tragic…


Yes, I know it says it is tragic, but it is not. It is beautiful. Now I’m not sure exactly what the Dizzy Blonde will have in her shop tomorrow when she updates, but her stuff flies off the proverbial shelves and you will be very sad if you miss it. So tomorrow at 11am PST, you should go check it out. Buy stuff. Beautiful yarns coupled with a snarky sense of humor. What more could you ask for?

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  1. Daniele

    You are getting really good at this! 🙂


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