Oh my.

by | Sep 12, 2005 | Uncategorized

That’s really all I can say. I just spent a few minutes updating my sidebar. With what I’ve completed and what I’m working on. I’ve been knitting since the first of the year. I have completed 10 things. That’s about a thing a month. Ok. Probably could be doing more, seeing as I’m a sahm with kids in school, but whatever.

The scary thing is the wip list. I have NINE wips. Nine. Nine, as in one less than ten. That’s just frightening. Truly. And right now I am seriously jonesing for some mushroom colored rowan cork to make this set. I do need a winter sweater/coat. Yes, I am trying to justify this insane purchase. But wait gentle reader. I will not be spending that insane price on it. I can get the yarn and the pattern book for that for a mere $58. Mere. Strange choice of adjective to tack onto $58 freaking dollars.

I must finish wips before I cast on for anything else. Or at least frog the wips and be honest about it.

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  1. Jennifer

    I’m finding that the problem with having a lot of WIPs is that I don’t get very far on any of them. It’s a super bummer.


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