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Today I worked in many places. I worked at the Chrysler dealership while they changed my oil and plugged the holes from 2 count ’em 2 nails that were embedded in one of my tires.
I worked while I waited in line to vote. I worked while I waited for after school sports to finish.

And I worked while I ate dinner with my boys at a picnic table in between sports and scouts. And oh yeah, I’m working now.

It is nice though, to have a “job” that is so very portable. I can knit nearly anywhere. And with a bit of pre-planning I can take my MacBook or some graph paper and pencils and be writing patterns too!


And that’s how the glamour shot of the yarn for the Sixth Sonnet ended up being taken on playground equipment at twilight. It’s a lovely milk chocolate color, the color of faded leather where the bits have worn off, but filled with warmth and depth. It’s an MCN heavy laceweight / light fingering yarn by Tempted – Lacy Luxe Yarn.

Ideas are coming together for the 6th Sonnet and tomorrow will be a day of swatching and finalizing the lace patterns. Good stuff is coming – and soon!



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