Opening Bars

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No, not bars like places to drink too much – bars as in the opening bars of a song. It’s a musical thing, not a beer-swilling thing. Although a margarita sounds good right about now. It’s nearly five o’clock. But I digress.
Today I had to figure out the best place in my new house to temporarily set up my ballwinder and swift. Temporary being the obvious key word here.


That’s my new eat-in kitchen. Ain’t it cute? Yes, I really need to get lots of new house pictures. I know. Trust me, my far away friends and family are not happy with me for the lack of pictures. But then I had to find the best natural light for taking pictures of the yarn and getting a beautiful true to color picture. How about the entryway with a mirror?


Um, nope. Let’s try the bathroom counter. We get a totally ridiculous amount of light in the morning in the bathroom through the glass block window.


Nope – too much light. Way too much. Let’s try in the great room near the back doors where the morning light is all indirect.


Artsy fartsy, isn’t it? But still not quite right. My old light box got destroyed in the move so I am just gonna have to buckle down and make my husband make me a new one. What? You thought I made the old one? Oh no. I cut myself with safety scissors. Much less an exacto knife. I would have to get the ambulance there before I got started!

The shawlette is getting started and I really love the way the motif is coming together. Hopefully you will too. So grab yourself some Swoolk yarn from FiddleKnits so that you are ready to start singing along when December 1st comes!


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