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Yes, I amuse myself. If you are anywhere near my age you might be singing that song to yourself. You’re welcome.

See now, I never have time to knit OPP. Knitting (and now crocheting) my own stuff, and doing the design work, and the tech editing, and all the other assorted things I do to make a living keep me very, very busy. But that doesn’t mean I can’t love on other people’s patterns! So each month I’d like do a round up of patterns that I loved and I figure I would do this first one from some of my best knitting friends!


First up is Boothbay by Jen Lucas. When I first saw this I thought she named it booth bait lol. So that’s what I still call it in my head! This gorgeous shawl uses 200 yards of the main color and 6 beautiful gradient colors in 100 yard minis. I love breaking up the gradients with the strong main color – so many gorgeous color combination options.


Next up is Gumusservi from Heather Zoppetti. This gorgeous cowl uses her custom Stitch Sprouts buttons and doesn’t it just make the yarn from The Fiber Seed sing? It just feels like ocean waves. And even though The Fiber Seed relocated to Ohio – like we are going to – it still feels like a Florida yarn company!


Royal Rainbow is from Angela Tong. She named this pattern after an element from one of my boys’ favorite video games when they were younger – Katamari Damacy. So now I’ve stopped singing OPP and I’m humming the theme to that video game. This is another gorgeous pattern that makes the most of mini skeins – these are from Knitted Wit.


Finally we have Wrong Lever from Barbara Benson. This gorgeous cowl is another lovely use of semi-solid yarn – I’m particularly in love with the edging at the bottom of this one. Eyelets and cables just go together like peanut butter and jelly, don’t you think? And this gorgeous yarn reminds me of grapes!

Check in next month for another installment of OPP!


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