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You see things different when you walk rather than drive. You can stop and smell the roses, you can break into a run to get past the doggie doo. All the little details of the part of town I live in (and the fancier parts I like to walk in) are coming alive to me, and it’s amazing the things I notice. First off a small annoyance – people with fancier cars are much more likely to try to run me off the road if there aren’t sidewalks. I’m just saying. A very short man in a very big hummer nearly ran me over – and I was in the grass!
There are places off the beaten¬† path – off the main roads – that are just beautiful. Last Saturday morning I walked six miles up into Avondale. It was threatening to storm, but luckily I made it home and only got drizzled on. The pictures isn’t great, but you can see here how the wind is beating the river into a frenzy. I didn’t even know this little cul-de-sac existed!


This beautiful flower caught my attention on Tuesday. I was glad it was still there today. I’ve never seen anything like it!


I notice how people keep their lawns. I say good morning to all the lawn workers. And that old saying about how people and their dogs start to look alike. Totally true. So true. Of course I can’t really whip my cell phone and take a picture of that. They might sic their dog on me!

Today I didn’t get on the road til about 7:45. I walked 5.25 miles and didn’t get back to the house til about 9:15. Not a fast pace, but I’m not really going for fast. I’m going for getting it done. But the last mile this morning was really kicking my tookus. The sun was up, and there wasn’t much shade on this last portion. I was tired, I was hungry, and I was seriously debating how bad it would be to go back to bed when I got home. And then I saw this:


And with a spring in my step, I picked up the pace and powered it back home. I’ve had a proper breakfast and all is right with the world. 26 miles on the calendar this weekend (eek!) – won’t you support me?


  1. Kaia

    The photo of the river makes me miss Memorial Park! It’s one of few places I miss about Florida. And you and the boys of course!

  2. Kris

    The flowers are Gloriosa lilies. I have them in my yard too…fabulous. Keep up the great walking!


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