Peer pressure.

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So today I went to the home of Sugarbee Studios. For the Jax Ravelers gathering. I was excited. I’ve been to her house before and it is just one of those places that you instantly feel at home. And her mom tries to feed you every time you turn around (really good food). And there were friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Yes, it was gonna be a good day.
And then, well I’m not sure what happened. I saw some gorgeous red/orange/pink yarn – fresh from the dyepot that I had to have. No problem. I brought cash. And then a nice lady on my left was mentioning getting the stuff to start spinning.

I’ve resisted any form of spinning for a long time. I had been considering it again, if sugarbee was my teacher. But I hadn’t taken any steps in that direction.

So someone please tell me how I ended up with a gorgeous hand-made drop-spindle, 5 oz. of corriedale, and 2 beautiful batts. Please.

I recall leaning over to Tricia at one point and telling her to convince me not to start up with the spinning. I also distinctly remember that she just snickered at me. It’s ok, she got her comeuppance for that.

Mamaknitter kindly sat down with me and showed me how to use the drop spindle. Even though she’s a wheel spinner, she uses her drop spindle all the time. She’s a genius with it. And a born teacher apparently – because it instantly clicked. It made sense. And it wasn’t hard.


I made that. Yes, it’s a tiny skein, but I have more roving. And I’m utterly fascinated with this whole business. And I’m just so danged proud of myself.

Pictures of the yarn I bought, a finished sock, and the gorgeous spindle & batts tomorrow when I actually have some good light. I just couldn’t resist posting the yarn I made. Yarn I made. That has such a nice ring to it.


  1. Lorena

    Muhuwahahahah– welcome to the dark side! ;p

  2. Jackie

    You’re a natural!

  3. Sharon

    Hurrah for first yarn! It looks great!


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