Photography Phailure.

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So one of two things need to happen. I either need to learn to take pictures. Or I need to become a rich and famous designer so that I can hire someone to take the pictures for me. Because I suck.


This is the shot I like best. But it’s pixellated and grainy – I must have jacked up the settings somehow. And the color isn’t right. And it really isn’t the best representation of the lace. So the “best” picture is kind of worthless.


I like the way the lace looks on the left of this picture. But why I took this shot, I have no idea. The backlighting makes it look like there is some weird swirl element going on. The only really decent pics I have of this shawl are of it blocking:


You might notice that the shawl is a totally different color in each of these pictures. Partly that’s my fault. Partly that’s the setting and the lighting that I used. But a big part of it is that the Archangel colorway really has all sorts of colors melded together. And the silk content makes it catch the light in all sorts of crazy ways.

So yeah, I need a photographer.  The pattern is 99% done. It’s been edited and tested and re-edited. I have to do the crazy anal thing where I count every stitch in every row to make sure the counts are really right, but all it really needs is pictures. My kingdom for a picture!

And as soon as I get some good pictures, I will have the pattern up for sale. So watch this space. And hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.


  1. Suzy

    Beautiful shawl! I can’t wait to purchase the pattern!
    And don’t worry… the pics are good. I had a hard time with photography… I’ve heard it takes a lot of practice!

  2. Kaia

    Oh, it’s gorgeous! I have just the yarn for it too…


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