Pics or it didn’t happen?

by | Nov 9, 2009 | Uncategorized

I can’t show you pictures of the knitting I am finishing up right now. It is this absolutely gorgeous alpaca yarn that might be my new favorite yarn in the world. But it’s a job for hire, so it’s secret. But it’s gorgeous. And the yarn is soft and soothing to me at a time when I feel like utter poo.
Speaking of how I feel, if you live in the greater Jacksonville area, stay far, far away from me. I am typhoid Mary. I have it. Oh yes I do. I have the H1N1 flu. Well that’s what they assume. Apparently the hiney flu (as I like to call it) is kicking the seasonal flu to the curb so to speak, so if you test positive for flu, they assume it’s the hiney flu.

So I go to the urgent care this morning. The man drives me because at this point I am too weak to drive. So I wait a really long time. I knit. I cough into my hankie. They take me in. They leave me alone in a room for a very long time. Like I read an entire issue of People cover to cover long time. (Stamos on Broadway? Interesting.) They come back. They swab my nose. (Gross!!!!) They say results take 15 minutes. I hear a commotion in the hallway. “Doctor, it’s only been 3 minutes, but look at this!” Yeah. That was my abnormally fast flu result.

You may wonder if my boys didn’t have the hiney flu, how did I catch it? Well I’ll tell you how. I caught it at the danged urgent care. Has to be. I went on Tuesday with the boys. On Friday I was sick. And now I am hoping and praying that the boys don’t catch it. And the man has forbade me to touch anything but my computer and one couch. Like if I open the door to a room he sprays it down with Lysol. I hope it works.

I should have also taken a picture of dinner. The man who loves me and has traipsed all over town looking for just the right chicken noodle soup in a box, also cooked me dinner. Because I’m weak and not allowed to touch anything. He made macaroni & cheese (because that’s tending to agree with me), and roasted butternut squash, and salads, and the BBQ Meatballs from the Pioneer Woman site. Seriously. He made me from scratch bbq sauce. This man is a keeper.

So wish me sleep and speedy get well vibes and pray my boys (and my man) don’t catch this. When I get better I want to do fun stuff with my family. Not play sick nurse!


  1. Sara

    Get well soon 🙁 The man does sound like a keeper!

  2. trillian42

    Feel better, hon! Cheers to the man for taking such great care of you!

  3. Joan

    Ugh, I hate the flu! I hope you’re feeling better soon – and able to venture out of your quarantined area.
    Will clones of you DH be available in your pattern shop anytime soon? How about a training manual? 🙂

  4. Kelley

    Oh, Corrina, I’m sorry you’re so sick! Thank God for men like “the man”. You’re very blessed (even if you are sick).Feel better soon!

  5. Batty

    I’m in a similar situation — finished something, can’t show, holiday knitting.
    And I hope you feel better soon! The hiney flu sounds like no fun at all.


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