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When I was thinking about the Seven Sonnets collection, I had a very specific color theme in mind. The idea was old books, deep rich leathers, jeweltones, with aged elements. And the gorgeous yarns I received have been just perfection.

This month’s yarn is a little different. This yarn to me represents the insides of the book. Probably way more important than the cover when you think of it. This yarn is creamy gold parchment, and yellowing pages, and well loved words.


This yarn is Green Sheep Fingering, expertly hand-dyed by the Unique Sheep. It is 500 yards of sweetness in a 100% Organic Merino base.  You need to get your hands on some so you can knit up the fourth of the Seven Sonnets which will come out at the beginning of October!

And have you seen the other three sonnets? Yeats, Longfellow, and Whitman are available for individual purchase for $6.00 or as part of the collection for $21.95.


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