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So today I’m sick. And in between general house tidying, shuttling the boys to and fro, making dinner, and oh yeah, all the other normal things I do in a day, I’ve been sitting on my bahookie. Because the being up leads to sometimes the head moving which leads to the woozy which leads to the bad. So when I could I stayed in my chair. I didn’t want to sleep because then I wouldn’t sleep at night. Which is why I was online when the lovely Kris of Sonny & Shear linked this particular treasure on facebook.


So I spent the better part of my day researching this interesting little phenomenon.  Apparently these lovely folks have a lot that is actually a tidge smaller than ours, but last year they reaped 6000 pounds of food. Now granted they have chickens and goats, which are sadly illegal in city limits here. But even if I made a serious effort to just produce fruits and veggies – well I could make a difference, couldn’t I? You know I really believe I could. In our lives, our health, and tiny babysteps to help the environment.


These were harvested from our pathetic little garden beds today. I admit that a lot of the pathetic-ness of the situation is my fault. I do not have a green thumb. I tend to kill plants, so I avoid helping with the gardening. But the fact of the matter is I’m home. I can garden. And it would be a good thing. So I’m gonna buckle down and do it.

Fortunately I live in Florida. Where the growing season is kind of non-stop. There is always something that can be planted. And I got a bit overwhelmed today thinking about canning and freezing and bumper crops. But then I realized, I have to grow the stuff first. I can learn the rest of it along the way. Stay tuned for what I hope will be a continuing series on this little adventure.


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