Proof of just how lazy I am.

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This is my cast-on and first 7 rounds of the tivoli tee in knitpicks shine twist. I am soooooo lazy…. (how lazy are you?) I am sooooo lazy that I didn’t even frog the raglan tee I had worked it into before. I’m just knitting right out of that project.

I like to call it efficiency.

And if you are “in it” with me on the yarn diet diet, please do not look at this next part.

Do you know what this is? The above is the results of two trips to Jo-Ann’s. Uncharacteristically I was carrying cash. And the cash got spent. Let me just tell you what. This is $42.70 (including tax) of the elusive (and discontinued) cotton-ease. What does a girl get for the money?

Besides the vanilla/white, all of the multiple balls are the same dyelots. Who would have thought that pure white could be so different. But I think two balls of white can make very cute things. Check out my boobholder if you don’t believe me.

If the tivoli tee works out as cute as it looks on everyone else, three of those balls (maybe the candy blue) will be for that. Some of you may remember that yellow and I have a long sordid history. Trust me, you don’t want me to post a picture of myself holding yellow yarn up to my skin. It will curl your hair. (Or give it the lovely Florida humidity haze that I’m dealing with right now, and trust me, that’s even worse). So why did I buy three balls of pineapple yellow? Leverage my dear people. It’s all the same dyelot. And not everybody hates yellow as I do. I will swap it for better colors. Yes, I will.


  1. Lynette

    woohoo! great stash enhancements!

  2. mamma

    I’m feeling a bit green right now. Love the yarn.
    Don’t worry about not reballing the yarn. That is a very valid time saving technique (plus frogging can be a bit depressing sometimes. This just skips that depressing step. I see no downside.)

  3. Anonymous

    What! They discontinued cottonease! *growl*
    –Knitty Board Member bleachedheart


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