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In Florida it’s difficult to knit in public in the summer outside when the World-Wide Knit In Public usually takes place in June. This was an unofficial early KIP, but we seem to have found the best place to do it – under the bridge where it’s shady and breezy and the food that’s available is nothing short of amazing.
Knit and Spin Row

The Riverside Arts Market
(RAM) is nestled under the I-95 bridge with all sorts of artsy vendors, fresh produce sellers, and food booths. The breeze off the river keeps it from being unbearably hot, and the shade from the bridge is constant. We had a small group of Jacksonville knitters out on Saturday, but fortunately our numbers were fortified with a spinning contingent from Gainesville.

Mr. Moustache

When you knit in public you get a few interested observers. But when you spin in public the muggles are just fascinated. Little girls, old men, tons of people stopped to find out what was going on. There was even a skater dude who inspected one of the wheels and compared it to the bearings on his skateboard.

Happy Spinners

We had an awesome day full of friends new and old, belly laughs, and bellies full of good food. We’re planning another one for World-Wide Knit In Public, we just have to decide if it will still be cool enough to hang out at the RAM. You can join the Jax Ravelers group on Ravelry if you want to keep up with dates and upcoming plans!


  1. Pat

    This looks so cool! I hope you are safe from the storm that is hitting your area they showed on the news.

  2. Marie Stanley

    yep, that’s my friends Sharon, and Jane . They make my life better !

  3. Sharon

    That might be my favorite picture of Jane ever! :)We all had such a good time. So glad to have been able to join you, and we definitely will again!


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