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So many things going on right now! It’s 12 weeks until the summer TNNA trade show. And I have projects due to everybody in the near future it feels like. And my brain keeps coming up with ideas. Which is good, but oy with the poodles already.
Purple used to be my favorite color. And I still love yarns in all shades of purple. Three of my upcoming projects are in lovely shades of purple from three of my favorite yarn companies.


Halaine (in the background) is a short-sleeve sweater with ruffled edges and an empire waist in Hat Box from Mrs. Crosby Plays in Midnight Aubergine. Clairmore (on the left) is a cowlette – a combination cowl/shawlette in one skein of delicious Cricket MCN from Anzula in the Lenore colorway. And Farica (on the right) is an unusually constructed hat with a counterpane and reverse stockinette ridges in Yellowstone by Stitch Sprouts in the soft lavender shade of Sand Verbena.

So yeah, all purple all the time. But you don’t have to choose purple. That’s the beauty of knitting. You can choose any beautiful shade you desire. I actually have become a red and turquoise girl as of late. And in true knit design irony the colors I love the best are the colors that are the hardest to photograph.

But I am looking for some¬†test knitters, sort of. Not exactly test knitters. Let’s call them early knitters. I’m in the process of having the patterns for these beauties tech edited. Once the pattern is complete I’d love to have some early knitters work up some projects in their own favorite colors. If you’d be interested in any of the projects let me know. I can provide full pictures so you can make a decision. The pattern will be free to a small group of early knitters and all I ask in return is that you post some nice pictures and a project to Ravelry. Let me know if you’d like in!


  1. joan

    I would love to try out the hat pattern for you

  2. juniperjune

    i’d be interested in knitting the cowlette! (p.s. i’m that friend of kate b-m who was geeking out about the fact that she knew you on facebook a few weeks ago)

  3. Tina W

    I would love to knit the cowlette!

  4. Tina W

    Oh, I should tell you that I am TinerW on Ravelry, so you can see my other knitting there. I’ve done test knitting for Tin Can Knits, Mia Rinde, and Carolyn Kern.


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