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One of the things that I didn’t understand when I first started knitting was the lace. I mean yes, it’s pretty to knit, but honestly who wears shawls or shawlettes?
I do.

Just to be clear I am hopelessly unfashionable. Today I am wearing jeans, stripey Valentine socks, a grey dry-fit Nike workout tee and a thin black cardigan. No fashion plate here. But my feet are warm and grey and black go together! Right?

That said I get tons of compliments where I wear my designs out and about. Those who don’t know me well will ask me where I bought my scarf. Those who do know me well will scoff and tell them that not only did I make it, I designed it. I find that shawlettes especially are infinitely wearable. Especially if you live somewhere where there is real winter. We’re having fake winter now here in Florida and I must admit I kind of love it.


Here you see my sad and unfashionable coat. It’s a corduroy peacoat – quite lightweight – but I love it and it’s perfect for Florida “winters”. But doesn’t it look lovely dressed up with my Berlioz? I especially love the Berlioz shawlette because I have super sensitive skin and the silk content in the Swoolk Yarn makes it feel all soft and delicious up next to my face.

So yes, lace is quite useful, quite versatile, and quite lovely. Knit yourself up a lovely shawlette to use as a scarf and you too can scoff at those who ask where you bought it!


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