Red for the win

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Life just gets so busy so fast. And things all come at me at once. I’ve been working like a fiend on this new design in the gorgeous Dyeabolical superwash merino laceweight. But if you do stupid things late at night and have to rip out days of knitting things go slower. And if life descends upon you with way too many things that *must* be done right now, things go slower. But it’s gonna be gorgeous!

I will just say it straight up. I am awful at photographing red. But this red is true and perfect and has depth. Even the muggles were oohing and aahing over this red.


My 12 year old hand model is trying to show you the beauty of the lace stretched out here, but it doesn’t quite work.


Even with some pins in place you can’t really see just how lovely this is going to be. I cannot wait to block it. You can see if you look at the pic above that I’m transitioning into the edging. I’ve been doing some serious late night charting to make this edging unique and gorgeous.

But enough about Red. She’s beautiful but not quite ready yet. But what is ready are the first two prize winners. We’re just gonna go in order so…


Jennifer wins the handspun from DigitalNabi.


And Melodie wins the adorable sheepy stitch markers from Knittin’ Pretty.

I’ll be emailing my winners tonight! I hope your Vittorio projects are coming along. I swear I’m gonna spend some time this evening perusing all the projects so I can see all the pretties. Next drawing next Monday!

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  1. Joan

    Red is looking very promising!


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