Rogue is slow going…

by | Oct 13, 2005 | Uncategorized

But the Cascade 220 is so dreamy and easy to work with. And on the addis… *swoon* Who knew I could feel this way about knitting?

I’m gonna settle in with her here in a few minutes for a nice evening of knitting and drinking girlie beers. I’m hoping that copious consumption of girlie beers might help me sleep tonight. Either that OR there are some prescription sleeping pills that I’ve been saving for emergencies. But I think this constitutes an emergency. I haven’t slept for more then 3 hours a night in I’d say 6+ weeks.

This morning after being up since 2:42 I headed for our bathroom around seven to get ready to face the day. While in there I spotted a roach. Or some psychotic roach hybrid. I sprayed him with the mildew cleaner and the mofo flew right at me. Since when do roaches fly? Do roaches fly? I screamed bloody murder and of course woke up the man. Who was none too pleased since he had about two minutes left til his alarm went off. So he decided to show his ass and throw a tantrum about me stealing his last few precious minutes. He’s a hard man to sleep with. Which isn’t helping my insomnia any. So I broke down and started bawling about missing 6 hours of sleep every night. He told me to go to a sleep clinic. *grrrrr*

So since we are in a state of emergency, we will be doing something tonight to encourage sleep. Wish me luck.

ETA: If you were wondering if I’m reading your blog, well the answer is probably yes, yes I am. I updated my sidebar with the list of blogs I actually do read. And I do read them. Every time they are updated – unless bloglines is showing it’s ass. And if I’m not reading your blog? Throw me a bone honey! If you comment on me, I seek you out!

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  1. mamma

    glad to see you posting. I’ve missed you. I’m not sleeping much lately either, so I feel your pain. I hope you took some meds and got some solid sleep.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Rogue.


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