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by | Jul 5, 2022 | knitdesign

Did you know that I do schematics aka technical drawings for knitting patterns? If you are a technical editing client of mine, I might have created schematics for your design. A schematic being a line drawing of the basic shape of your garment or object with measurement lines so that your knitter knows exactly what size to work up in your pattern.


Nowadays I highly suggest that designers use letters on their schematics as shown below. That way you can list all the measurements in a separate lettered list. It makes your schematic easier to read and gives you more options when it comes to laying out your pattern.



I use a 3-column layout for my patterns. Most of my actual schematic drawings for sweaters I size it so that it’s a 2-column wide picture. This one has a ton of individual measurements (154!!!) so I also give it two whole columns for just the measurement box. You can see how that is laid out in the pattern above.

So how CAN this work for you as a designer?


When you order a schematic from me, you have two choices – standard ($19) or custom ($27). For the standard you can pick from all the options on the ordering form linked on the schematic page – and if you send me a picture of your sweater I can make suggestions for changes if need be. All you do is add the list of measurements using the letters on the drawing. When I send you the initial drawing you can request adding or removing measurement letters all for the standard price.

You will receive the schematic file as a PNG file with a transparent background, so you can easily insert it into your pattern. The awesome thing is that if you design the same sort of sweater more than once, you can use the same schematic multiple times.


But what if you need a custom schematic for a unique design?


Custom schematics are only $27, and using pictures and your descriptions I can come up with a drawing that shows all the relevant measurements and helps your knitter understand the construction. Just shoot me an email to get started!


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