Professional sweater Schematics STANDARD VERSIonS ONLY $19

Below is just a small sampling of the standard schematic variations available – see below for the full list of standard options. The best thing about these sorts of schematics is all you have to do is add a lettered list to your pattern with all the relevant measurements. So if you design the same type of garment you can use the same schematic again and again.

If you need some simple changes to the standard schematics – for example just needing to remove or add some measurement letters – those are still available at the standard price of $19 per sweater schematic. If you need a custom schematic for a unique design, those are priced at $27.

Standard Schematic Options


Body Styles

  • Crop – Straight

  • Crop – Waist Shaping

  • Medium/High-Hip – Straight

  • Medium/High-Hip – Waist Shaping

  • Medium/High-Hip – Waist & Hip Shaping

  • Medium/High-Hip – Hip Shaping

  • Medium/High-Hip – A-Line Shaping

  • Long/Low-Hip – Straight

  • Long/Low-Hip – Waist Shaping

  • Long/Low-Hip – Waist & Hip Shaping

  • Long/Low-Hip – Hip Shaping

  • Long/Low-Hip – A-Line Shaping

Neckline Choices

  • Crew neck

  • V-neck

  • Boat neck

  • Scoop neck

Sleeve Choices

  • Cap Sleeves

  • Short Sleeves

  • Elbow Length Sleeves

  • 3/4 Sleeves

  • Long Sleeves

Bust/Yoke Choices

  • Raglan – One Piece

  • Raglan – Flat In Pieces

  • Circular Yoke

  • Drop Shoulder

  • Set-In Sleeves

To order a standard schematic use this google form:

To order a custom schematic please email me!

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