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My blogging mojo has been missing. So I thought I would start that 100 things about me list that everyone does. I will add to it as I think of them. I don’t want to do 100 things and only have about 27 of them be good.
1. I used to count beats of music with my fingers. And my toes. I would count out musical rhythms, poems, conversations, song lyrics. I wanted everything to be a multiple of four. Because I could use my thumb to count out the beats in four counts on my four fingers. I only stopped this slightly insane behavior when I started knitting. Maybe the counting and repetition of knitting has replaced it? I don’t know. But I remember doing this all the way back to grade school.

2. I have a phobia about bridges. I moved to this city sight unseen, not knowing it was the city of Seven (actually more) Bridges. If I had visited, I might have vetoed it. I have one of those window breaker/seat belt cutter tools in my car. And today as I crossed a bridge with my kids in the backseat, I tried to convince myself it wouldn’t be crazy to keep some sort of flotation devices in my car, in case we ever got thrown over a bridge.

3. I didn’t really drink until I was 21. I can only remember drinking once or twice before I came of age. It just never seemed like a good idea, and I rarely went to those sorts of parties. To this day, I’m a total lightweight. Especially if it’s something I haven’t had recently. I actually had an amaretto sour a few months ago that turned me into a giggling fool, and I have photographic proof of this.

4. 99% of the time I wear Mary Jane crocs. I bought myself a pair a few years ago, and they were so comfy and so cute (to me, yes I know some people find them hideous) that I’ve worn them almost exclusively since. I have three pairs right now – brown, black, and light blue. And I really want some red ones and some purple ones.


5. My hair grows insanely fast and is nearly indestructible. The picture above was taken in June and since then my hair has grown to the point where it reaches my bra strap (mid-back). It’s crazy. I dye it, I twist it into all manner of braids and updos and clips, and it just. keeps. growing. Right now I’m ready to cut it all off, but the man is in the hair love phase, so I’m trying to refrain.

6. I’m not a jewelry person. Right now the only things I wear with any regularity are my pearl earrings (courtesy of the man) and my wedding and engagement ring (also courtesy of the man).  My engagement ring has a ruby instead of a diamond and is set in white gold. I haven’t worn any yellow gold jewelry since I got rid of my first wedding set. It was a symbolic clean break sort of thing.

7. I am five feet ten inches tall. I’ve been this tall since I was around 12-13. When I was younger it seemed like a curse, but now I really appreciate it. The man is only a smidge taller than me, just shy of six feet. But my jeans are like four to five inches longer in the inseam. He is all torso, I am all legs.


  1. GirlMeetsNeedle

    Ya know…I don’t like crocs as a rule, but the Mary Jane style ones are incredibly cute! And also, I’m incredibly jealous of your height since I’m only 5’3″ and have a hard time reaching anything on the top shelves of my cabinets without a step ladder.

  2. Batty

    I’m only 5’7″, but I had my growth spurt at age 12-13 too… way before the boys in my class. I remember how bad that was, particularly for anything involving dancing. Nobody wanted to dance with the giant enormous girl. Fortunately, they had growth spurts shortly thereafter.

  3. Brennee

    Being a newbie blogger, I didn’t know that posting “100 things about me” was common. Interesting your bridge phobia…stay away from the Shands bridge, it has a low wall and is only two lanes. I love bridges and I don’t like going over that one. I’m looking forward to all the “things about me (um…you)” to come. Great idea.

  4. GirlMeetsNeedle

    Had to come back here and add that you’ve been tagged.

  5. Daniele

    Thanks for sharing! Who would of thunk you’d be so tall!!! 🙂 And can I just say – love the hat!

  6. Danny Levy .com

    […] the original here: Seven posted under About, Music, and, do, in, my, of, to, updos | No Comments […]


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