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Every knitter needs tools. You’ve got your basic tools like needles and yarn and then you have all the extras. The tape measures,  the tapestry needles, the scissors, the stitch markers, the crochet hooks (for fixing mistakes), the cable needles, and the stitch holders. Well, those aren’t so much extra as they are essentials. With that set of tools at your disposal you can do almost anything with your knitting, including complete finishing.
And we all know that knitting is the best hobby ever because it is oh so portable. But to be truly portable you really need to carry that little set of essential tools around with you. Except sometimes they aren’t so little. Throwing all that stuff into your purse or knitting bag isn’t really the easiest thing to do when you’re running out the door.

Enter the Tool Tins from The Sexy Knitter.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.50.20 PM

Recognize that shape? It’s Altoid tin shaped. Super small, durable, and will stay tightly closed. (These are altoid tin size & shape, but not old used altoid tins, they are brand new and clean! Which means that sadly your tools will not smell minty fresh!)


And dude, look at all the stuff! You get every single thing I listed above: tape measure, scissors, stitch holder, cable needle, a double-ended crochet hook (2 hook sizes), 5 freaking adorable stitch markers, and 3 tapestry needles held securely on a magnet attached to the lid.


And I’m sorry, have you seen the pretty lids? This month’s super exclusive special is me! Four of my designs gracing the top of these must-haves! Normal retail price is $25 each, but if you buy a 4-pack it’s only $80. Do you know 3 knitters you need to buy presents for? I know I do!

But there are a ton of lovely designs available, although I’m kind of partial to that alpaca schnoz! So if you would like to buy one of those you can use the coupon code FRIENDSOFCORRINA and get 20% off of any purchase from her shop of $25 or more. This coupon is only good now through October 17th, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.03.38 PM

And I just gotta say I adore these little scissors. I’ve used mini scissors before and sometimes you feel like you are trying to run up a down escalator with the duller ones. These are nice and sharp and even cut linen yarns easily. Also they kind of look like cute little birds when you take the point protector off!

Psst! Think you have a gorgeous photo or idea for a tool tin cover? Submit it to the Sexy Knitter via Etsy and if your photo is chosen to be on a tin you get that tin for FREE! Because Sarah is awesome like that.


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