She’s a lady… and the lady wears big undies.

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That particular Tom Jones song will be forever tainted by the memory of Hugh Jackman singing it in Flushed Away. But most of my projects have songs attached to them. Songs that play in my head while I’m knitting on them, if it’s quiet around. Don’t tell me I’m odd. I already know that.
Now that the sooper seekrit deadline knitting is completed, I can go back to the lady. I had planned to have her done in time for the Yarn Harlot on Thursday. But alas, the sock had to be knit and photographed, so I was focused and determined. What? You say I have five entire days until the Yarn Harlot arrives? Well yeah, I do. But I also have a research project for Educational Psychology *and* a test in my Environmental Sciences class – due and to be done on Monday respectively. So tomorrow I will do laundry and research and studying. Fun times.

Would you like to see a crappy flash photo of my February Lady progress? See – that’s the benefit of a blog. You can comment and scream “No!” but by that time it’s too late. You’ve already seen it. Like the memory of your Uncle Bubba wearing the aforementioned big undies. Your retinas are already scarred.



  1. Daniele

    The lady looks great! Wonderful pattern. 🙂

  2. Kelley

    I love the color!!


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