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Seriously. All this secret knitting is just killing my blog. Killing it I tell you. I feel the urge to take artsy texture shots of the projects in question just so that I can show you something – anything. But alas, it would not be wise.
Yesterday we did a yarny roadtrip. I drove in the new van, and took Kim, Kristin, and Chris along for the ride. We had a fabulous time. We visited Yarnworks in Gainesville and then we headed over to Hanks, which I love and adore. It is so nice to go to Hanks and be welcomed in with warm smiles and big hugs. It honestly just makes my day. While we there I got some more Haldesoap…


And then I purchased two skeins of possibility. What you say, it looks like malabrigo lace to you? Nah. I mean yes. But it’s possibility to me. I’m gonna dye it up and see how it takes the dye. And then we may shoot for a new line of laceweight. Might be the start of something big.


After our yarny adventures we had lunch next door to Hanks at Leonardo’s where we had various entrees and the famous garlic rolls. These garlic rolls are made of love and butter and oh my goodness. If you’re ever in Gainesville you must go and have some.

In other news on Friday I went and got all my hair chopped off. No really. I went in and she asked what we were doing and I told her to chop it all off. I had enough to donate to locks of love and still have a nice length bob out of it. Plus she colored it for me in this rich dark color that I didn’t think I could pull off, but everyone says I can. So yay for good hairdressers. (Um, I would show you a picture but I need to find someone who can make look human and not like a zombie or a monkey. I don’t think I look like either of those in real life, but if I do… well I don’t want to know about it!)


  1. Sharon

    We always love it when our Jaxers visit! And your hair looks *fab*ulous! Smooches!

  2. ruthee

    You can tell *me* about your supah secret knitting.

  3. Heather

    I don’t believe you’ve visited my blog since my last post. Which you should, because I got the yarn I bought from you and I posted about it. And you want to read it. 🙂
    I love changing my hair colour. Makes you look so different and it’s so easy to do! 🙂


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