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My super secret entrelac project is coming along nicely. I think I’ve found the way to eliminate the lines I didn’t like in the first swatch. We’ll see.

The rogue hood is kind of a forever project. I was trying to read ahead on the instructions, saw something about the 82nd row and just sighed and put it down. In my defense yesterday I think it hit 90 here again. And today mid 80’s is expected. Of course what will happen is I will neglect the Rogue for a week and then next week it will be 45. Such is my life.

If I take my knitpicks shadow to the LYS and ask to use her winder, she’ll say yes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel bad to ask. I think what I will do to assuage my guilt is combine the shadow winding trip with a nice purchase so that it kind of balances out. She has a huge new stock or Noro. I just need to know what to do with it. Or I could buy some Helen’s Laces. I’ve been coveting that in a serious way. But that I have to have a plan for before I buy it.

I ordered a 40″ size #1 addi turbo to do magic loop socks on. I even printed out a handy dandy instruction sheet for doing two socks on one magic loop. I ordered it from elann and also got some self striping/fair isle sock yarn in a “springtime color”. I’m hoping it comes today. I’d love to practice that technique.

Shall we review? I just keep buying yarn. It’s frightening. And I’m not really completing much of anything. I have “new-itis”. Oh well. Life goes on.


  1. thegabbyknitter

    I also have been buying a ton of yarn lately. So much so I think if I buy anymore my husband might divorce me.

  2. Jennifer

    I put myself on a yarn diet, but it isn’t taking…


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