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So a couple of years ago, there was a group started on Ravelry. One of thousands. It’s called Yarnography, and it’s about being able to use your camera better – in general – and in specific to take better pictures of your knitting and your yarn. I joined right up. And promptly ignored the group.
For Christmas I got a new camera. A step up from the tiny point and shoot I had been using. It’s a Canon SX120 IS. And it’s very nice. In theory. See I never read the 144 page (!!!!) manual or tried to figure it out.  Until today. Today I visited the Yarnography group and started doing the assignments that other folks did years ago.

The first lovely shot you see here is on manual settings. With a tight aperture and a deep depth of field. So everything is pretty much in focus. On a good day, this is the sort of pictures I take on the auto settings.


But today I figured out how to change the settings. So I opened the aperture up wide, and took the same picture with a nice shallow depth of field. See how the yarn is in focus, but not the stuff behind it? I’ve been dying to take shots like that all along. And the first couple of Yarnography lessons had me rocking and rolling and no time.


And finally we have the 2nd photo assignment for Yarnography. Take a picture of an egg. No, I’m not kidding. Doesn’t my egg look nice? You can even see all the bumpy parts on the shell. Although in hindsight it kind of looks like the yarn laid the egg, which is vaguely disturbing.  To be honest, I’m still not sure what I was supposed to learn from this one, but I did have fun with it.


There’s a joke here somewhere about which came first, the yarn or the egg, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


  1. One Sheep

    I like your egg. It reminds me of all the folks I know who are sitting around with skeins or cakes of yarn on thier heads, wondering when I’ll get around to knitting them a hat which was promised so very, very long ago.

  2. Sara

    Makes me want a new, nicer, better camera. I’m still in the land of bought it at Wal Mart point and shoot.

  3. Batty

    Great pictures! I think I need to figure out how to play with the aperture on my camera too.


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