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As a knitting designer, it should come as no surprise that I find beauty in the simplest of stitches. Like stockinette. I really love the way the stitches interlock and just the organic perfection of it all. Yes, I’m feeling schmaltzy. Also under-caffeinated. I started a new eating plan and I’m in the “what the heck was I thinking” phase soon to be followed by the “trading my yarn stash for a cookie” phase.

But the stockinette short-row section of this shawlette is done. And I’m on to the lacey goodness. Which is gonna be good – wait until you see! And really, I’m not a laceweight person normally – sock yarn is my bread and butter – but this Mithril by the Verdant Gryphon is really, really nice. I can’t wait to block this out and see how nice it all comes together.

The second sonnet will be spoken soon – so you need to get your supplies together – one skein of Mithril, size 5 or so needles (I’m using a 40-incher) and some slightly larger needles for the fancy cast-on (I used 8’s). The pattern will be available August 1st, but you can pre-order the e-book now so that you will have all the sonnets. All this sonnet needs now is to be finished and named.


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