Sixteen tons, sixteen miles

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I walked sixteen miles this weekend. And now I’ve got the sixteen tons song in my head. Maybe you are not afflicted with earworm disease. But I have it bad. I just think of a lyric and I have another outbreak.

So there you are. I’m sharing my pain with you this morning. Well my earworm pain. I can’t really share my aching leg and foot pain. Somehow I got attacked by a spider on the walk yesterday morning. I have a little trail of blisters running up the back of my calf. Guess it thought I was a tasty snack!

The thing about the walking is this. On the short walks, I’m fine. I’m a big girl, but I’m pretty strong. So I walk by myself, listening to some music and enjoying the morning. The really long walks are harder though. Saturday was five miles – no big deal. Yesterday was eleven miles – kind of a big deal. We took a break at seven, and it really did a number on me, as I never got my oomph back. But I walk with Eloise. She’s in her mid 60’s. She’s a survivor. She just had her yearly mammogram and we all let out a cheer when she announced that it came back clean. And she walks. She doesn’t complain, she doesn’t even seem to get winded. So at the ripe old age of 38 I need to follow her example.

Sometimes I wonder why I am doing such a thing. I must be crazy. But I feel stronger already. And although I haven’t lost any weight, I measured myself this morning and I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist. Kind of cool.

But the real reason I am walking is raise funds. $2300 to be exact. And I still have like $1800 to raise. And I’m raising this money so it will go away. So no more Eloises will get sick. So I won’t have friends like Kim – my teammate – who is walking in memory of her mom that she lost 6 years ago. She’s my age with 4 kids. When you have 4 kids you need to call your mama sometimes. (Ok lots of times). And she can’t. Her daughters will all grow up without that Grandma. And my sons who never even met my husband’s mother. He will speak of how she would have loved us all – but we never get to have that. And my husband doesn’t get to make his mama proud with the family that he adores.

It shouldn’t be that way. Everyone deserves a lifetime. That’s the Komen motto. And I agree. I want to be around to spoil my grandchildren rotten. That’s part of my life plan. And I need a good amount of time to do that in – every woman does.

Every little donation helps. Five dollars helps. Sure, $500 helps more, but if you know me online and you like me – maybe you could spare 5 bucks? If you’ve been touched by this disease like so many of us have please consider making a donation.

Also, if you are local – we are having a big ole fundraising garage sale/bake sale/lemonade stand. Saturday morning, starting at 6:30 am. If you are a garage sale junkie this is an awesome way to support our walking team. It will be a six family garage sale – at least – as we have donations coming in from other families.

Ta-Tas Are Sacred Team Garage Sale

Saturday, August 14th, starting at 6:30 AM

8086 Shadwell Court * Jacksonville, FL 32244


  1. Grace Shanahan

    It will be an honor to donate to help you to achieve your goal.When I arrived home from work tonight, my daughter told me about her friend, Sharon. Sharon is 35 years old, stage 4 and resigned work today.
    Thank you for your efforts yesterday. With gals like Eloise and you, we will beat this disease. But not in time for Sharon, her husband and 3 year old son.

  2. Ann

    Corrina,This walk will change your life. I did it several years ago with my sister. We celebrated my 50th birthday by completing the walk. My outlook on life hasn’t been the same since! It’s a wonderful thing that you are doing and I would be happy to help you accomplish your goal. Best of luck with your training.


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