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Well my dear friends would say something else. Something that has to do with donkeys. But I try not to curse (even mildly) on my happy little space on the internet. I would say I’ve been oh so very busy, but so has everyone else. And I seem to be able to find more time to plurk and twitter than I can to blog. The sad thing, I find blogging way more rewarding. Again with the things I should do.
Christmas was nothing less than fabulous. We went to a Christmas Eve party and had an amazing time. Good friends, Santa came for the little ones, and a fun gift exchange (complete with lots of fancy bottles of hooch!) for the big ones. Christmas morning we woke up and had presents with the family. The boys are old enough that they don’t wake us at the buttcrack of dawn, which is just fine and dandy by me. We settled in, opened stockings, and I spiffed up a simple breakfast with cinnamon rolls, sausage, and hash browns. Then we opened presents. My husband totally spoiled me and the boys.

I got the camera I’ve been wanting, some new casual pearl jewelry from the boys, some new Fiesta Ware and some beautiful mixing bowls for the kitchen. Plus I got the HP6 DVD. The boys’ big presents were Rock Band (and the lego version of it) and cell phones. We were trying to wait until they were 12, but the man wanted a fancy phone for his b-day, so we went in a whole family plan. I’ve never seen those boys so excited in my life.

Later in the day we headed over to SugarbeeStudios house and had Christmas dinner with the families of three other of my dearest friends. The boys got more gifts and then the ladies exchanged their gifts. I will just tell you right now I do not deserve my friends. They spoiled me rotten as well. All kinds of fabulousness and thoughtful stuff that I really adore. You should be so lucky as to have friends like this. Oh and yeah. My best friend. Made me do the ugly cry, because her present was that great. Which was totally her goal. And if I didn’t love her so much, I would be very upset that she chose a present for me that she knew would make me weep.

We have a small group, a Fiber Mafia if you will, of amazingly talented and artsy ladies. All of us knit. And then we all have other things we do – artsy/fibery business ventures. All of us spin. Well the rest of the ladies spin on their wheels. I spin on my drop spindle. A wheel was not in the anywhere near future budget for me. You see where I’m going with this, yes? Last night I learned to spin on a wheel. My wheel.


Yeah. You would have cried too. Thank you Chris.


  1. Kaia

    Oh, it’s just gorgeous! I have never managed to figure out how to spin on a wheel, but then again I have only tried on really old-fashioned, squeaky ones. I am curious how it would work on a new one…
    Happy Christmas! I’m glad your presents were that awesome, that is a truly amazing friend you have.

  2. Batty

    Oh, wow, your wheel sure is pretty! Happy spinning, enjoy!

  3. Joan

    Wow! You have some great friends!

  4. trillian42

    You got a Traditional! That’s the same wheel I have! I love her! Is yours a single or double treadle? (Mine started as single, but I got the conversion to make it a double)

  5. Sharon

    Awwww, and I cried a little bit *for* you! =)

  6. Donna

    That is totally awesome Corrina!!! You are a great friend, therefore you have great friends!! Happy spinning friend!!

  7. Lorena

    My tardiness in catching up on blogs does not lessen my happiness for you. YAYWHEELOMGPONIES!!!!! Now excuse me, it must be raining in my office, my eyes are a little wet.


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