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by | Jun 8, 2009 | Uncategorized

It’s been a very long week. I’ve been full of ideas, but not full of energy. I’ve not been sleeping well. At all. I’m not quite sure what to do about it. I did have fun with the boys on their first full week of summer vacation. We did the library, the bookmine, the park (3 times), and the art museum. I need to do some pre-planning for this week so the boys and I have lots of fun.

In the shop I’ve added a couple of bags…


And I spent a long day cutting out fabrics for other models.

Oh and also, everything in the shop right now has free shipping! All these new ideas need fresh capital to get them going. So some things are on sale, and **everything** is set up for free shipping. Also, if you are buying more than one item, send me a convo and I’ll give you a discount.


  1. Lynn

    I LOVE the bag I have. It is truly fabulous for socks. I’ll have to post about it sometime!

  2. Batty

    Those are so cute! Happy summery colors. Love.


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