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I never thought I would own my own business. When I first started designing it was really for yarn money. I had no idea that companies would give me yarn so I could make them pretty things. But as life changed, we started to realize that it was either build up this little business of mine or get a real job.
And I didn’t want a real job. I pick my boys up from school everyday. I go to every single one of their games and events. I’m here. I wasn’t able to be here when they were tiny and I regret that so much. But I knew I wanted a business where I called the shots. Where I got to own my time.

So now I have this business that sometimes wants to grow faster than I can manage. But I still have the option to make my own choices. And I still get to raise my boys the way I see fit. It’s a good thing. And it’s part of the whole small business thing. Where does small business money go? The same place paychecks go, but in a cut out the middle man kind of way. When you buy an e-book from me, I turn around and spend that money on groceries, or sports fees, or a third of a new pair of shoes. Seriously – the teenage boy shoe thing is insane. Every time I turn around their feet are bigger and their legs are longer. And you hear the jokes about the groceries, but my oldest plays footballs and weight lifts and he is constantly starving!


Yeah, they are huge. Just for reference I’m 5’10”, so my youngest is only an inch shorter than me at 5’9. Last time I checked my oldest was 6’1″ – but he looks taller in that picture, doesn’t he? And they are only in 8th and 9th grade!!!

So instead of paying some insane executive salary and letting some of the money trickle down to the average Joe, you give money to me (and to other small business owners) and we use that money to live life. And I am so grateful for that. I love my job and my business and I love my family. And y’all make it possible for me to have the best of both worlds.

Small Business Saturday is just another day for me to be thankful in this season of gratitude.

So to say thank you I’m having some little weekend sales – e-books are 40% off with the coupon code “stay home” – because I think the Black Friday madness is just that – madness. Although I do heartily endorse going out today and shopping at your favorite small businesses!

And if individual patterns are your thing, you can do a Buy Two Get One Free deal – using the code “smallisgood“.

So do some shopping in the PicnicKnits Store!


  1. Audreygs

    Bought “Seven Songs”. I’ve been eyeing that one for a while! Thanks!

  2. Marianne

    Love your patterns, when I can knit again will be purchasing a few of your patterns. Love your designs and always support the individual designers as much as possible!!! Enjoy your boys, they grow up so quickly, mine are now 38 and 25!! No grandchildren.. maybe someday but that’s their decision.


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