Smarter than me.

by | Dec 6, 2005 | Uncategorized

Turtlegirl76 is way smarter than me. She wisely suggested I take a step back, and not hold the camera right on top of the stitch marker (in my non photo genius mind i thought i needed to get closer) and voila!

The top bead is sort of a flat gunmetal-ly purple, the middle bead is amethyst, and the bottom is kind of amber purple. Isn’t she pretty? And my first try even.


  1. Jennifer

    Ah, you’ve been bitten by the bead bug!

  2. mamma

    Your stitch marker is so cute! I must admit I’m addicted to making stitch markers. Every few weeks Hobby Lobby will have all their beads and findings on sale and I just go crazy. And I just love your kool-aid yarn. It looks great. Makes me want to try dying something. Must not click on knitpicks, must finish something, anything first.

  3. turtlegirl76

    Beautiful! I’ve never made a stitch marker, I guess I should see if all the crap I have left over from my beading days would work. Hmmm…


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