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No, not shark fodder. That particular phrase is what you call my big ole butt when it goes into the ocean round these parts. Course the sharks seem to eat more people in the gulf… but I digress.

A while back when I was crocheting the snood of doom, I joined the lj crochet community. Needed some help. Got some great help by the way. There are some super nice folks over there and my snood turned out uber gorgeous partly because of the great thread recommendations I received from some sweet girlies on that list. So if you are one of the sweet ones thank you! But then I found out about the crochet_snark community. Where they spend a good amount of time linking to posts off of the main crochet community and making bad fun of them. Not good fun, like I can’t believe IK paid you for that strange and disturbing design. Bad fun, like “what does that sausage-armed bitch think she is doing wearing a shrug?”. Bad fun. As I realized that quite a few of the crochet ladies were also snarkers in disguise, I decided I really didn’t need to be a part of that particular group.

But at least the crochet snarkers have the balls to do it in an open community. Not so with the knitters. Apparently there a bunch of secret places where the knitters who think their shit doesn’t stink go to talk about the rest of us. *

But now I feel kind of unsure. Like the friendly community of knitters on lj that I’ve come to love are really a bunch of stuck-up bitches who never got over when Billy didn’t ask them to the prom, so now they are practicing clique and pack mentality in any shitty way they can.

And also lately, there has been some very openly hostile stuff on the main list. What the hell is wrong with these people? Would you ever say the things you “say” online to someone’s face? I doubt it. So you hide behind your cartoon icon and your made-up name and get your jollies being really shitty to flesh and blood people? Then I have no use for you.

Like I said. Snark fodder. Of course I could have an overinflated opinion of myself and no one is reading this at all.

*Disclaimer: I don’t see much wrong with places like “You Knit What” where they talk about published designs. They aren’t snarking on whether or not Heather is skinny enough for that tank top. And it’s not secret.


  1. mamma

    I think it’s really sad when women won’t support other women. I ran into this alot in “Mommy” communities and now I basically avoid them (after all I let my kids eat cereal off the carpet after they’ve dumped from the bowl to the carpet, they don’t have anything nice to say about me anyways). It is part of that wasn’t in the “In” crowd in high school but look at me now, I’m snarky and cool mentality. They can go f themselves. Come hang with me. We’ll drink girly beers and talk about bad patterns.

  2. karyn

    i agree with everything you just said. obviously. you’ve read my lj. snarking on awful patterns is ok. snarking on the way someone looks or how they worded a certain post isn’t.

    ps. come and join theknittingkind if you want. it’s small and not very special yet… but we have big plans for it!

  3. Jennifer

    Oh… You know I only frequent knittyboard and people’s blogs so I didn’t even know this existed, although it doesn’t surprise me. I suppose there will always be people who get their jollies from putting others down to make themselves feel bigger.

  4. Will Pillage For Yarn

    The snark communities are… interesting. *sigh* I belong to one or two, but the allure is fast fading. Primarily because, it’s not just lighthearted fun, it can be really cruel. I didn’t sign on to be cruel, but it was nice to have a place to wail “Oh please GOOGLE IT.” after the umpteenth lazy request. Now I stay on mostly so that I can see what’s being said. What’s that they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

    I don’t see a problem with “Oh dear sweet zombie jesus, why don’t you google this???” snarks or “Please, stop selling your stuff.” snarks because I think sometimes that if I see one more person being lazy and not doing research or yet another sales post, I might scream. And so, if I snark, that’s what I feel snarky about. That’s what I’m gonna say out loud.

    I think it’s really rude to call people names, say horrible things about their knitting, body, taste and otherwise participate on a *personal* level and that’s where I draw the line on snarking.

    I have become afraid to post in knitting at times because I’m worried I’ll get snarked for asking “dumb questions.” and that does defeat the purpose of knitting groups.

    Confession. I’ve been an absolute BITCH in the knitting comm once or twice. Its’ become a good gauge for me. If I’m getting bitchy o/l, that’s my cue to get offline, go eat a snack and do something productive because I’m heading for a personally unhealthy headspace.


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