Snipe hunt

by | Apr 17, 2009 | Uncategorized

I’m looking for my motivation, my oomph, my gumption. It seems to be on an extended vacation to Europe. Which is so not fair, because I have *never* been to Europe. I have patterns to finish writing, I have fiber to photograph. I have newly dyed yarns to reskein. I have swatches and sketches and submissions to decide upon. And I have an enormous amount of Calc3 homework to do.


So if you’re in Europe and you see my gumption, could you please ship it back to me post-haste? I’ll pay shipping. Shoot, I’ll even send you free yarn.


  1. Karyn/Kaia

    Oh, that is just gorgeous. And if your gumption is here, mine is definitely in that basket, underneath your pretty fibers. Wanna swap?

  2. Lorena

    oooOOOooooOOooo. Pretty! I’d be willing to send you some of my gumption, just to get some of that yumminess!

  3. Tamsie

    You’re looking for your Mojo!

  4. Yorkie

    I saw it tooling down the Autobahn headed for Innsbruck. I did wave frantically to flag it down, but it ignored me, being gumption.


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