Socks and me are unmixy things.

by | Apr 10, 2005 | Uncategorized

Just so you know. I tried to work some in woolease on 5 dpns for practice. Nope. Not happening. I thought maybe trying them with such a splitty, cheap-ass yarn was the problem. So I sucked it up, bought the opal and the recommended 1’s. I cast on, knitted some k2p2 ribbing and frogged I think a total of 5 times. Bad times.

Ugh. My beloved man really wants socks. So I went to the not-so local yarn store and got #2 dpns. I eyed their regia stock, but there were no “manly” colors. I bought a regia simple sock pattern, since regia & opal are supposed to be interchangeable. I also bought the #10.5 dpns that I need to do i-cord.

The not so local yarn store was interesting. They had a wall of hand dyed stuff that ran about $25-35 per skein. Ouchie-wa-wa. They had a massive, and I do mean massive stock of novelty yarns. I remember reading somewhere that rich people like novelty yarns. This is one of the ritzy beach communities aways north. I’m starting to believe that rich people really do only buy novelty yarn. She also had a lot of sirdar, and tons of different suedes and dks. Nothing I was interested in. She carried lamb’s pride, but her stock was seriously depleted. I might go back to get the encore colorspun and use it to make the Big Bad Baby Blanket in SnB though.

In other news right outside her store John Travolta was filming a movie. I’ve always crushed on him. Not enough to stand around and wait for a glimpse, but still. Besides my 3 guys were waiting for me. Sure would have been cool though.


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