Socktober Madness

by | Oct 30, 2005 | Uncategorized

Socktober Madness Part One.

They didn’t offer navy in the palette, and I didn’t want to mix and match yarns, so I opted for a medium charcoal gray. And then I thought I’d do the petal color (the coral-y pink) instead of the green. Not a bad mix I think.

Socktober Madness Part Two

This is where I’m not sure it’s gonna work. The blue is fine. The “tan” evens works as a dark cream. But the green just seems way to bright. So my idea is this. I swap out the green for the petal from above, and do the socks in cream, blue, and petal. What do you think? And then the “relax” socks get worked with a charcoal background and the rest of the colors as pictured.


  1. mamma

    You got your yarn. It’s so pretty. And those socks are really ambitious. Can’t wait to see them.

  2. knitonelondon

    Hello, all the way from England! I love your blog and all the photos. My OH is a little bemused at my re-take up of knitting – In 10 years together I have knitted not one thing, nor revealed this hidden talent.

    Now I’m going gaga over it once more.

    Must get some picks on my blog, not least because I will be starting Clapotis soon…


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