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Even though I hadn’t officially signed up for the November blog posting thingie (I can *never* remember the abbreviation) I was doing really well. I blogged everyday for 19 days. And there wasn’t as much ennui and malaise as you normally get in a stint of that length. But life was conspiring against me.
Actually Clearwire was conspiring against me. Supposedly something is wrong with one or more of their towers and now my internet is all over the place. One minute I will get great speeds – down and up – and the next minute it slows to a crawl. And because of this inconsistency I lost about a week there. I couldn’t send anything but the briefest of e-mails. And to add insult to injury their phone lines are all jacked up. So if you call at 10am, it will tell you the tech support doesn’t open until 9am (!?!!?!?!) and that you should use the online chat feature to get support. Um, yeah. If I could use the online chat feature I probably wouldn’t need to call you.  This has been going on for over a week and every time I call them they tell me that the ticket is being investigated and that it was updated very recently on November 19th. Again with the um, yeah. November 19th was the day after I first called to complain. Forgive me if I’m not inspired and awed by your fabulous non-existent customer service and trouble ticket tracking skills.

So maybe the last day or so I’ve had limited success with being on the internet. Sometimes I have to walk away and take a potty break in order to give it time to load very complicated things, like say my Facebook page (insert rolleyes smiley here) but I can at least do some stuff. But my poor husband is on-call again this weekend so he will be driving into the office at the butt-crack of dawn on a Saturday (for the second week in a row!) because the connection is not stable enough to support his VPN.

So if you live in Northeast Florida and can recommend reliable, reasonably priced internet that is not Comcast please let me know. Because this sucks big time.

In other news – aka news you might be interested in – I’m having a Black Friday/Shopalooza weekend sale. All of my patterns, including the e-book, are 30% off if you use the code word “pumpkin”. Why pumpkin? Because I was having pumpkin pie for breakfast naturally when I thought of this totally copied everyone else on the interwebs who has an online store.

And since it’s the day after Thanksgiving the boys and I went all crazy with the Christmas decorating. We listened to music, and ate leftover pie, and completely put up the Christmas tree and most of the inside decorations. So I share with you one of the boys’ favorite Christmas songs:

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  1. Kaia

    Dude, you are on the FRONT PAGE of Yarn Forward! I just checked it out and OMG I squeed all the way into next week. Must buy the e-version as soon as I get paid! That is, hopefully Monday. Can’t wait to read it!
    (I have no idea why I just called you dude. At least it wasn’t “mate”. Which I have been saying a lot lately for no reason whatsoever.)


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