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I need to buy a picnic basket. And take some pictures. I have all the ingredients to make a light box to take pictures but none of the oomph. Of course it doesn’t help that it is 2.5 weeks until the end of the semester and I am woe-fully behind on all my schoolwork. And when I saw woe, I mean woe. There might be coffee, and all-nighters. That is if I ever grasp the seriousness of the situation. Which I am not very good at doing.
I’m also seriously considering ditching the school business. What was I thinking? I am an old-ish woman, set in my ways, and “kids these days” drive me crazy. Not my own kids, thank goodness. But I’m actually kind of scared of teaching public school. And the fact that next year I will be paying out the um, arse, to put my kids in Catholic school is not a ringing endorsement of the system.

So what have I been doing instead of schoolwork?

Making this….


Out of this…


I would consider myself an advanced knitter. This is the Summer Chevron out of the More Big Girl Knits book. Lovely book by the way! But just to let you know, if you don’t get row gauge on a chevron top pattern… well you probably should pick another pattern. I’m sure the summer tweed would look lovely as something else entirely. But hey, trying the top on six rows to make sure it still fits is only slowing down the knitting process tremendously. Fortunately I’m nearly to the waist on this one. But I think my summer chevron won’t really look that much like the original. Can we call it inspired?

In other true news, I stalked a woman in the Publix tonight. I was minding my own business, squeezing the avocadoes when I saw a woman. She was a vision in a cabled vest! So cute was the cabled vest that I kind of followed the woman around the store so that I could memorize the shaping and the details. I came right home and sketched it out.

I hope she doesn’t report me to store security. That Publix is like 2 minutes from my house. That would suck.


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