Something new that isn’t blue.

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I’m kind of tired of blue. The last few assignments and special requests I have had have all been blue. Not that there is anything wrong with blue. But I’m just tired of blue yarn running through my fingers. I’m tired of seeing blue. The other day I was shopping for shirts and all I wanted was anything but blue.
We’re not broken up permanently. Given some absence, I’m sure my heart will grow fond of blue again. But for now, we’re on a break.

This is not blue. This is amazing and beautiful, the richest shades of wine. It’s Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon in the Strawberry Crab colorway.


And it is working up into a beautiful shawlette. I know, I know, new patterns have been few and far between around here for awhile, but I think this one will be worth waiting for. It’s a variation of the shawlette I knitted for a swap a few months back, but just a bit bigger and fancier in a different yarn.

Also, it’s the first shawlette in a series. I have a new e-book that I’m working on and this is the first release. I have amazing indie dyers who are providing yarn for the later installments and you’ll get to see some sneak peeks real soon! This shawlette will be available very, very soon and the 2nd shawlette in the series will be available July 1st. So watch this space for what I think are some pretty great things coming up!


  1. Sara

    Lovely color! Can’t wait to see the shawlette.

  2. Brenda

    The suspense is killing me!!


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